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 Tiffany is a native Californian, and has lived in Agoura for fifteen years. She graduated from UCSB with a degree in Religious Studies. After college, which included many years of working in restaurants as a server, Tiffany began her career as a Medical Services Facilitator for developmentally disabled adults, as well as adults with mental health issues. As life changes, so do interests, and in more recent years, Tiffany worked as an Interior Designer, mainly in the model home industry. Well, model homes in California are not as common as they once were, and so again, life changes...

One constant through the years has been Tiffany's love for animals. She grew up with cats, until 13 years ago, when the love of her life entered the scene. She didn't expect him to be quite so hairy, or have as many spots as he does, but Carlin opened up her world to the greatest love she's experienced: Dogs! Cats are still very special, however Carlin isn't convinced. He's a dog's dog, all dogs, all sizes. He has been roommates with one 5.5 lb Chihuahua for 12 years, and another 6 lb Chihuahua for 8 years, and he definitely lets them have the last bark.

 When Carlin was about 9 months old, the dog park in Calabasas opened. That first summer at the park included a mandatory 2-hour per evening visit, in an attempt to tackle the energy of an adolescent, Dalmatian puppy! After many years of daily visits, and of course, walks, the much larger Thousand Oaks dog park opened. Again, many years of regular visits followed. There is a lot of knowledge shared among dog lovers at the dog park (or is it, the people park?).

Tiffany has worked as a dog walker in Malibu and has also provided house sitting services for many a dog over the years, as well as fostering dogs.

What better way is there to live than to be surrounded by animals, outside in the fresh air, walking!

Tiffany @ 818.687.5719 •

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